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So, the shoes start to arrive and I need to photograph them to get them on the site. First the Spanish supplier which included the school shoes and baby shoes. The Portuguese supplier promised he was soon to follow (days) so I booked a photographer and lined up a couple of models as well as my son Max. A week before the Portuguese shoes were supposed to arrive I checked they had been shipped only to find that they hadn’t even started making them! I had been bumped down the pecking order by a much bigger buyer but the supplier promised he could supply one of each style in my sons size so the shoot could go ahead, phew!!
In an ideal world I would love to have had a professional shoot – beautiful location, wardrobe, photographers being directed 

The Max suede boat shoe

"Keep Still!"

by professionals, models that are used to doing shoots etc etc. This costs and I don’t want to add any costs to the price of the shoes so I do the best with what we have – Max and his friend James, a photographer friend, a friend with a toddler and my own home!
It was an interesting day! 2 inquisitive 6 year olds and a 20 month old and lots of shoes! It was hilarious really, I was bribing the boys with all sorts of things as I was trying to keep control! Their attention levels aren’t great at that age, so we had some great laughs and you can see from the photo’s I am getting a bit stressed! I was glad when it was all over and the shoes were away safely! Once I

got the images of the shoes from the photographer I wasn’t didn’t like them! They were on a white background and I thought they looked false. After all that!!!!!!

Anyway, much to my son’s frustration I asked him to try them all on again!! More bribing and bargaining!! I was much more pleased with the images I took, I thought they were more realistic.

Photo shoot

"Can I do this? it's more fun!"

The Models

"Yeah! We're all done, can we go now?!"

The other 6 year old in the shoot with Max is his close friend James and the toddler is Sam, the son of a girlfriend that was happy to help out.

I really wanted to get the site up and running before the back to school rush but unfortunately it didn’t happen but the wait was worth it, it meant that the site was secure for credit card payments and ordering was fast and simple. By going live in the November I also missed the bulk of the Boot buying season but that was OK. The site went live at the middle of November, it was so exciting and satisfying to have pulled it all together!

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