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About Us

As the mother of a young boy I was frustrated at the lack of availability of good quality boys shoes. From the first time my son Max needed a pair of shoes I noticed that there was limited choice in what I was looking for. I didn't want him in trainers unless he was doing some sort of sports, neither did I want him in clumpy, ugly shoes with brand names blazoned across the side. We go to Portugal quite often and there I could find shoes that Max and I were happy with, they were well made, comfortable and reasonably priced. Other mums would often ask me where I got Max's shoes from and so I decided there was a gap in the market for decent, reasonably priced boys shoes.

I started reaserching in January of 2010, attending trade shows in Europe, asking other mum's opinions, talking to potential suppliers and reviewing samples for style, quality and durability. 

I wanted to offer good quality classic boy's shoes and boots at a reasonable price and decided to launch Cool Boy Shoes in November 2010 selling children's shoes exclusively online.

I wanted to offer real value to other mums and so decided to only sell online so that I could pass on the savings made from not having a retail premises to my customers.